Tight-fitting clothes and soft fabric materials began to catch on the market. Green Brand ViridisLuxe attractive not only UmaThurman and LauraDern support for it, as well as their gorgeous clothes and wearing comfort.

In fact, the bamboo fiber has become an “eco-fabric,” such as soy, corn, milk, seaweed and recycling of plastic materials, the most successful case. Environmental protection, focusing on some of the outstanding brand more extensive use of bamboo fiber. Because bamboo fiber is very soft, it is often with the luxury of silk and cashmere and use. Bamboo fiber is being extensively used in manufacturing custom hoodies.

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But through the nature of the phenomena, I discovered that bamboo does not look so “eco” and “sustainable.” Used in the textile bamboo fiber needs of more complex processes. In order to weave into the fabric, bamboo fiber need to be chopped and dissolved toxic solvent to wood recycling into the process of viscose rayon the same. In fact, technically bamboo fiber is a man-made fibers.

U.S. Federal Trade Commission in August sued four small-scale bamboo fiber apparel manufacturers, saying they are false trademarks and other issues. Jon? No designer and founder of BonnieSiefers the Federal Trade Commission sued the clothing manufacturers. Said that she had to stop, and a biodegradable anti-bacterial properties to sell bamboo fiber. She also studies which do not have the oil extract of corn sugar to make a class to forgive the technical polyester fabric.

However, the network will soon be able to find there are many garment manufacturers are still in the market to sell the name of eco-friendly bamboo fiber. Ms. Ewing pointed out that these may not be out of malice. Most bamboo grows in China, the United States, designers failed to monitor the Chinese suppliers.

Of course, the bamboo fiber for industrial and home textiles such as furniture, flooring, etc. can still row.

There are a number of other pairs of bamboo fiber controversy. FIT professor Giardina, said he found bamboo fiber is unstable, in the humid environment, there may be an extension of deformation. According to Hong Kong garment manufacturers UniformKnittersLtd.’s Spokesman said they are shrinking because of chromatic aberration, and the reasons for non-use of bamboo fiber.

ViridisLuxe designer HalaBahmet that bamboo is not very hard work, after a few cleaning after some holes. The hole is too small because the fibers caused by the fracture. She also said that the brand of clothing more beautiful, light and smooth, but the persistent poor. But now, an increase of organic cotton in order to increase durability, they are marked on the label is the “bamboo viscose fiber.” She has successfully bamboo fiber and hemp fiber and cashmere blended fabric woven out of a superior.

Ms. Bahmet said she hopes that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission could be more concerned about the bamboo fiber research, because it does not involve an important source of food such as corn applied to the fabric production. She was optimistic that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s actions will encourage scientists to research the true ecological bamboo fiber production methods.

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